Monday, February 21, 2011

Definite Case of the Mondays

How would one define having a 'case of the Mondays?'  I mean, it seems pretty straight forward:  symptoms of a useless or horrible Monday morning after returning from the weekend, as defined by Urban Dictionary.  However, are some of these 'symptoms' over exaggerated and could easily happen any day of the week, essentially giving you a case of the 'Tuesdays' or case of the 'Thursdays??'  Nope!  Today was definitely a case of the Mondays that could only occur on a Monday.

I took a minute when I got home from work to write down how I contracted the Mondays.  Here's what I think may have been the direct cause or causes:
1) I had a 20 minute fight with my closet
2) I had ADD most of today due to lack of coffee
3) I burned popcorn at work and stunk up the new office
Now let's break down these 3 key factors that contributed to my shitty day.

Fight with closet:
I usually wake up around 5:15 or 5:30 (yes, AM), depending on the day of the week.  Today I thought I could get away with waking up at 6:00, since I figured traffic would be lighter thanks to the holiday [President's Day]. That did not work out as planned.  I failed to factor in the extra 20 minutes I would spend staring at my closet, trying to figure out what to wear.

Now, this didn't have to be that hard.  I usually pair a dress with matching tights, slap on a cardi and I'm out the door.  Unfortunately, I decided to wash all my tights yesterday and didn't hang them up to dry until just before bed.  Without a clean and dry pair of tights, I knew a dress was out of the question. It was officially going to be a pants day, something I was not prepared for.  It took me 20 minutes and 8 changes, but I finally put an outfit together.

For today's outfit, I started with my Anthropologie Snow Stroll Pants in brown (still available and on sale for $69.95).

I added the Mirror Mirror Tank in brown by Little Yellow Button (I also own the white):

And the Whipped Woolens Cardigan in brown by Birds on a Wire:

I rounded this outfit off with a pair of brown heels from Aldo.  All very cute pieces and I even received two compliments today at work, but those 20 extra minutes delayed my morning departure and added traffic, that I would have avoided, to my commute.

Score - Case of the Mondays: 1, Mon: 0.

ADD and no Coffee:
Over the weekend, my company moved offices.  After being in the previous location for 10 years, everyone, new and old, was uber excited for the move and ready for the upgrade from our previous location.  I was also excited, but when I walked into our new building this morning, I knew instantly I was way unprepared for today.

First, it didn't help that I forgot what floor we were on so I had to follow someone I barely knew, but recognized, to get to the right floor.   Apparently, the recognition was not mutual.  I was asked by my colleague 'what floor?'  My immediate response: 'same' with a slight fake laugh.  What I wanted to say: 'Bitch, I work with you and I've seen you in the old building. We bowled together at the Christmas party!'  I didn't have the energy for small talk and instead, I kept to myself during the ride up.  

When I walked into our new suite, I felt like I was attending the first day of school.   I didn't know where to go or where to sit.  When I asked our office assistant where my cube was, she asked me for my number.  'Number?  What number? My phone number?'  It took me a good 2 minutes to figure out what she was asking me for.  It was the number I was given last week to use on all my packing labels, the 14 I created.  Doh! 

I unloaded my bags at my cube and headed straight for the break room for some coffee.  As soon as I stepped in the break room, one key and important item was missing: the coffee pot.  Did I miss something?  I don't recall seeing a memo indicating our coffee options were changing.  Sadly, it was definitely gone and I was desperate.  I could only see the Flavia instant coffee machine.  I tried to drink the Flavia coffee when I first started, but it wasn't my personal favorite and to be honest, it tastes like shit.  Desperate for caffeine, I made a cup anyway.  After 2 sips, I threw it away and suffered the rest of my day without coffee.

Score - Case of the Mondays: 2, Mon: 0.

Don't cry over Burnt Popcorn
I think at this point, it's clear my Monday was not going so well.  To make things worse, I burned my afternoon snack.  Blame it on the microwave, or the popcorn, it doesn't matter.  Nobody likes the smell of burnt popcorn and the scent spread very quickly throughout the office.  Not only was I royally embarrassed, but the smell followed me home on my hands and scarf.  I wasn't afraid to own up to it.  It was an honest mistake, but it quickly rid the office of it's 'new office smell' and I don't think that made many people happy.

Score - Case of the Mondays: 3, Mon: 0.

Here's hoping for a better day tomorrow.   PS - HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!

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