Thursday, February 17, 2011

Quick Follow Up Regarding those Fake Orla Kiely Bags

A Warning to all about Fake Orla Kiely Bags
I used to not worry about Orla fakes until this past year. I was in Dallas with my sister shopping at a store called Charming Charlies. Low and behold, while browsing through in the handbags, I spotted the fake. My biggest regret: not taking a picture to warn other Orla fans! Thankfully, they made it easy to spot fakes by not using a signature bag style used by Orla. Here's the pattern that was ripped off:

The Multi Stem Tote (not the actual bag ripped off):

I did dig up a picture of the bag in question on the blog 'Kevin and Amanda.' It's a little hard to tell, but true Orla fans will be able to confirm it's a fake.

If anyone else has spotted a fake, please share.


  1. That is such a Fake. Never ever ever would Kiely Rowan use black on the bottom of a bag. I've spotted so many fakes on eBay it's not funny. I find it contemptible that anyone try to do such a thing. I've always said never buy off eBay unless you know your stuff. I don't have the pastel version of the Multiple Stem Print Shiny Laminate Bag. But I do have the Dark. It's 3 years old and still looks new. Its my first and favorite. Bought it from Anthro in 2009. Did you know Anthro finally had two Orla Bags. After 1.5 years I'd none.

  2. I kick myself every day for not buying the pastel Multiple Stem Print Shiny Laminate Bag, especially when I see someone on the train with it. I saw it at Anthro and loved it, but I was going to London in a few months and told myself I would save my money to buy one from her official store. While I don't regret that I bought the Pastel Green Large Stem print instead, this one haunts me every day. I hope she brings it back, maybe as vintage.

    I saw the Orla bags on Anthro! I don't understand why they don't stock more in the store. I usually buy from a store in Seattle called Tininhas. She sells only bathing suits and Orla Kiely bags. They're also a little cheaper than the prices on Plus, no tax if you don't live in Washington :). Here's the link: