Saturday, February 26, 2011

New Shoes: Boot Fail

Earlier this week, I posted the new pair of peep toes pumps I ordered from  I was extremely satisfied with that purchased and I knew I made a smart buy.  In that same order, I also purchased some boots I really liked and were marked down really low ($249 -> $85).  Too good to be true?  Maybe, but I trusted to live up to my expectations.  I'm going to New York next weekend and I wanted something I could walk in and wear with everything.  The boots I ordered, Geox's Donna Alanis Boot in taupe, were supposed to be those boots, but things didn't work out as planned.

The boots arrived on Wednesday and I was overwhelmed with excitement!  I couldn't wait to get home and try these on. 

My excitement for these boots was short lived when I tried the boots on.  I started with the left boot.  It was a snug fit, but I got my foot in there and zipped it up the calf.  I took a walk around the room and started to feel the pain of my heal rubbing up against the inside of the boot.  Granted, I wasn't wearing socks, but I knew immediately these would not be fun to walk in, at work or around a city. 

Now, don't get me wrong, I still liked the style of the boot and wanted to try on the right boot to decide if they looked good.  If so, I would size up.  Let's see how well the right boot fit:

Size:  Tighter than the left
Zipper:  Could not get it all the way up my calf; calf too fat or boot too narrow
Look:  Not what I was expecting :(

Well there you have it folks.  The right fit was even more disappointing than the left and the look just wasn't what I wanted.  Sadly, these will be returned with no exchange.  As for the kicker, doesn't pay for returns if sizes are too small/big.  I'm only out $4.95, but the lesson has been learned.  I will not be buying boots from in the future.  I wouldn't say I'm deterred from buying online, but I'll stick to shoe specialty sites for boots, like Zappos and Endless, where they offer free shipping and free returns. 

I'm still looking for the perfect boots so if you have any ideas for a riding style, neutral color boot, please do share.



  1. great boots :) can you send some of your chicago cold weather my way because i am sooo sick of the heat and not being able to layer my clothing :)

    <3 steffy

  2. Man that is so disappointing. They are GORGEOUS boots. I have major calf fit issues (apparently boot makers have deemed my calves too big to fit which is baffling and frustrating cause it gives me a bit of a complex that I didn't have before haha).

    I definitely tend to stick to places with free returns for shoes. Not always though... Supposedly a few of this year's anthro boots were larger in the calf but I didn't want to deal with their shipping costs. I've stuck with Seychelles At Last and Steven by Steve Madden Intyce for my larger calves. They aren't quite as sleek as the ones you posted though. I've heard a few Frye styles are ok for larger calves (Veronicas and Paige). Good luck in your hunt!

  3. I hate it when you're so excited and it doesn't work out! hope you find the perfect boots
    Andrea Grace

  4. So sorry Monica! I don't suppose Anthro has any Bow-Tied Beauty Boots by Lucky Penny left-over in any of the stores. They are fantastic and comfortable. Instead of 3 buckles like your Amazon Boots, they have 3 bows down the side. could walk for miles in them. I would scour the Internet for a pair of Lucky Penny Boots if I were you. Im not sure if Lucky Penny is an Anthro Brand or not. They are just so dog gone comfortable to wear.

  5. that is the worst! you get SO excited for your package to arrive and then it doesn't turn out as planned! sorry! (but have fun in NY anyways!)

  6. cute boots! I love the straps on the backs! great review. Ordering online can be tricky especially with sizing

    Wanted to invite you to our First Giveaway!

    love from San Francisco,


  7. I'm always to nervous to order shoes online! Hearing your story is pretty much what I'm always afraid of! They are super cute boots though, I hope you find another great pair for your weekend in New York!

  8. These boots are great it's unfortunate they don't fit right!!!