Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Photos Coming Soon! Sneak Preview in the Meantime :)

I think it's only fair to my fellow blog followers, FBFs if you will, that I share photos of my collection of Anthro and such. My boyfriend kindly offered to take a few photos for my sneak preview. Fair warning, these were taken on my iPhone. While he did offer to take the photos, he did not offer to take out his CANON EOS 40D. However, we did make a deal that he could take photos of me for my blog, and in return, he can post them on his website.

Okay Okay, enough about my boyfriend. On to photos!

Here's what I wore to work today:

Dress: Dagmar Shirtdress from Anthropologie
Sweater: Also Anthropologie, but I cannot recall the name. Once I find it, I shall comment with the details.
Shoes: Madden Girl - Given, (yes, given) to me by my best friend that didn't want them)
Belt: White House Black Market
Tights: Secret Santa gift from colleague in England
Headband: Charming Charlies, the mecca of accessories

Look Ma, one foot!

Greatest purchase I've ever made! Me in the Deep Woods Toggle Coat from Anthropologie Fall 2009:

And last but not least, since he made fun of me while taking photos, Mark doing his GQ pose, all items compliments of LL Bean and Target:

PS - Those boots have been there all freakin winter long (*hint* *hint*)!


  1. Sweater: It's the Anthropologie Moth Delicate Winds Cardigan in black.

  2. How fun that your BF will be taking you pictures! My BF acts as my photographer -- he has different ideas than I do about what makes a good picture, but at least it makes for a good way for us to spend time together!

  3. I totally agree! We've been hibernating all winter long so we haven't been going out and doing things together - watching Man vs Food on Netflix doesn't count. Hopefully we can take advantage of some warm Chicago weather this weekend and I can start posting more pics :).